And after that in 2008 started produce types of meat conserves and stew according to Iranian taste by use of machinery and advanced equipments and this company in 2011 succeed produce types of cold and warm sauces like mayonnaise sauce, ketchup sauce, French sauce, Thousand island sauce, spicy ketchup sauce, pepper sauce and… and in 2012 with construction of new saloon and using of modern and advanced machinery, succeed produce lemon juice in glass and bottle. ..

with increasing improvement continuity in productive output quality and steady efforts of their personnel in 2002, selected as standard worthy unit and in 2010 as worthy unit from the direction of Food and drug administration. In 1389 succeed to receive ISO9001:2008 and ISO 22000: 2005 license from Germany Tuvintercert company. Chinood food products have below production high certificate and licenses. iso 22000:2005

Chinood food products in , November 26, 1999 , start up Esfahan Sotoode Shafagh company in first phase of Esfahan, Koohpaye industrial town, by producing canned tuna fish with commercial name of CHINOOD

After access of Chinood food industrial group to already defined purposes, entry of group to expansion motif to be put working principle for produce of different juices and to be born Isfahan Gol Afshan company that executive phase begin from 2004 and utilizing with machinery and advanced devices in May, 2006 and now different spectrum of juice products by use of concentrate in various packing of paper cover and can with detachable easy door by this lines produced in healthy environment.

This industrial group with reliance to senior managers strategy and pure efforts of professional managers by vast and proper space, advanced and modern equipment and facilities, rolling progress degrees, and soon gain national standard license and after that in 2002 was successful to receipt EC code from Europe union EC

Modern fast age, actuated human to use of ready food and in order to need answering, different food industrial at all over the world such as Iran has noticeable growth.

One of these collection that is  getting to Islamic republic of Iran high purposes based on inner self-sufficiency and with methods of industrial machinery and with exploitation of professional forces, to steps is Chinood food industrial.